About Us

School Hours

Morning Pre-Kinder               8:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

Afternoon Pre-Kinder           11:30 p.m. –   2:30 p.m.

Grades K-5                               8:15 a.m. –   3:15 p.m.


Attendance Regulations

As a Texas public school, Whitaker Elementary School falls under the regulations of the state of Texas.  Student attendance is one of the areas that the school is held accountable for by the state.  The state sets a standard of 97% attendance in order for a school to be considered for highest status under the accountability system.

Because of the accountability system and the fact that we receive funding based upon attendance, it is imperative that each student be in school each school day.  We will grant excused absences to students only in case of illness or emergency.  We cannot classify leave or vacation time as an emergency.  However, whether excused or not, a student not physically present at school will be counted absent.  If questions arise, the Principal will decide whether an absence is excused.

If your student will be absent from school, you must call the school office (915) 236-6275 no later than 9:30 a.m. on the day of the absence or send a note to school the day your child returns.  If your child was under the care of a physician please bring a Dr.’s note.  If we do not hear from you regarding the absence, we must investigate the absence by phone or through a visit to you by our Truant Officer.  If you will keep us informed through the above procedures we will not have to inconvenience you with a follow-up investigation.

 Thank you for your cooperation in the area of Attendance!!!


Tardy Procedure

If the student is tardy the following procedures must be followed:

The parent must escort the student to the front office and sign him/her in.  The student will be given a tardy pass and then may report to class.

Morning Pre-Kinder students will be considered tardy at 8:15 a.m.

Afternoon Pre-Kinder students are tardy at 11:30 p.m.

Morning Pre-Kinder - 5 students will be considered tardy at 8:15 a.m.

Three unexcused tardies equal one day of lunch detention.

 Early Pick Up

Having children leave school early is discouraged due to missed instructional time.  We understand however, that there are times when emergencies occur or when medical or dental appointments cannot be otherwise scheduled.  Please try and make your appointments for late in the day when possible.  When it is time for your child to leave school, please come to the office to sign him/her out.  Please do not call the school and ask that your child be waiting for you in the front office.  A student cannot be called out of class until they are signed out.   In all cases of early pick up, the child must report to the office before dismissal.  Effective immediately, a Dr.'s appointment slip will be requested for early dismissals to be excused.  It is very important that only the people who are on the students pick up form be allowed to pick up the child.  In order for students to be released, the individual picking the student up will be required to provide a picture ID. We cannot take requests over the phone. 


School Visitors

For the safety of our children, under no circumstances are visitors/parents to walk through the school building and/or classrooms unannounced.  Visitors must check in at the office and obtain a Visitor’s Pass with the approval of the Principal or Assistant Principal.

Arrival and Dismissal

For safety purposes, students may not arrive at school before 7:30 a.m.  Supervision is not available until this time. 

Student pick up is available through the drive through.  If parents choose not to use the drive through pick up  they may park in the visitor parking or along the street, however please do not park in the faculty parking lot.

 Student Withdrawals

When it becomes necessary to withdraw your child/children from school, please notify the school office before the withdrawal date.  We ask that if your child is in Pre-K – 1st grade you give us 24 hour notice and if in 2nd – 5th grade you give us 48 hours’ notice.  This time is necessary to process the paperwork and make certain that the student has cleared with all programs in the school (classroom, library, lunch program, etc.)  Teachers need time to make certain that all academic records are in proper order.  Please provide the office with your new state and city and, if possible, the name of the school where your child will be attending.

Bus Information

If you have questions about bus transportation please call the EPISD Dispatch Office at (915) 230-2507.